There is nothing more nerve-wracking than being in a car accident. However, chances are you may experience one sometime throughout your life, so it's important to be prepared if it ever does happen. If you happen to be the one not at fault, knowing how to handle the situation can save you a headache down the road. Remember, the other driver may have a different opinion of who is at fault, so just remain calm, follow the accident checklist we have provided on our website, and look through our helpful tips and tricks on our blog and you will never find yourself wondering what to do if someone hits you.

If you find yourself in a situation where someone hit you, don't panic. First and foremost, make sure everyone is okay and then call an officer. Some people might be under the impression that the police should only be dispatched if it's a big accident, however, the police should be called as long as there is damage that needs to be assessed. Look for witnesses, gather the other driver's information, and finish up with the officer. Later, make sure you call the driver's insurance and double check that a claim has been put in. It is also helpful to call your own insurance company and notify them of the accident, however, do not file a claim with your insurance unless you absolutely have to.

Be Cautious of Settling

While it's not unheard of for people to settle outside of using insurance companies, be wary. Dishonest people will sometimes offer a low cash amount and then it turns out your vehicle needs a lot more work done, so always get an estimate first.


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If you are ever hit by someone, you need to make sure you have all their information before they leave the scene of the accident. Don't leave until you have:
  1. Driver's name
  2. Driver's address
  3. Driver's insurance company
  4. Driver's insurance policy information
  5. Year, model, and make of the other driver's car plus license plate number
  6. Statements and contact information from any witnesses
  7. Pictures of both cars that were involved
  8. Police Officer's name (if there was one called to the scene)

While the person who caused the accident is supposed to call their insurance company, sometimes people are reluctant to report the accident when they are at fault in fear that they will get in trouble or their rates will go up. This is why it's important to get all of this information before you leave, just in case you don't hear back from their insurance company and it turns out the accident never got called in.

We understand that accidents can be a headache, so allow us at Mike Maroone Body Shop and Collision Center to handle your claim for you! We work with all insurance companies, so put your car in our hands and you'll be back on the road in no time.