Difference Between Paintless and Traditional Dent Repair

Living in Colorado Springs, we are no strangers to the unpredictable weather that can sometimes have adverse effects on the appearance of your vehicle. Hailstorms, harsh winds, and nervous drivers all have the potential to do damage to your vehicle, resulting in the need for dents to be removed. Here at Mike Maroone Body Shop and Collision Center, we offer both traditional and paintless dent removal. But how do you know which one is right for your vehicle?
The main difference between paintless dent repair and traditional dent repair is that paintless is typically non-invasive and is better for smaller dents and dings. Unlike traditional dent repair where a repair facility will use body filler and then sand the area and repaint it, paintless dent repair consists of the technician removing the panels behind the dent and then using a set of specialized tools to massage the metal back into its original form.



Paintless dent removal is a lot easier than traditional due to the fact that there is no filling, sanding, or repainting. Our technicians can remove the dent much quicker as well!


Long Lasting

Paintless dent removal lasts just as long as traditional dent removal and can be done same day.



Paintless dent removal is a low-cost cosmetic fix within a relatively quick procedure compared to the higher-priced process of traditional removal which involves a lot more time and equipment.


Why Choose Mike Maroone Body Shop and Collision Center For Your Next Repair?

Mike Maroone Body Shop is a VW Certified Collision Repair Facility

We don't only handle dents! Here at Mike Maroone Body Shop and Collision Center, we handle a multitude of different services and repairs, such as:

  • Windshield Replacement
  • Frame Repair
  • Paintless Dent Repair of Removal
  • Traditional Dent Repair or Removal
  • Free Estimates
  • Paint Jobs in State-of-the-Art Down-Draft Paint Booths
  • iCar Certified for Complete Repair of Your Damaged Vehicle
  • We Handle Insurance Claims
  • And More

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