VW College Grad Program

Graduating college is an acheivement worth rewarding.
You've just finished years (more or less) of hard work. You deserve to continue your journey in a VW.

College Graduate Program
Our College Graduate Program* is designed to help you buy or lease a new Volkswagen as well as build or establish your credit.
Make the choice that is right for you. Buy or lease your new VW

Program Highlights:
When you buy or lease through Volkswagen Credit, VW will make your first month’s payment with no security deposit — up to $800!
up to $800
You graduated in the past 24 months or will graduate in the next 6 months from an accredited College.
Competitive rates even if you have no credit.
No co-signer required.

Get started.
To get started, visit Mike Maroone VW to apply. You’ll need to meet the following requirements*:
  • You graduated in the past 24 months or will graduate in the next 6 months from a 2- or 4- year accredited US or Canadian College. (Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's, Doctoral or Nursing degree RN or LPN)
  • You have a full-time (permanent) job or have a written commitment from your future employer.
  • You have received credit approval from Volkswagen Credit.
When you visit your dealer you’ll need to provide:
  • A copy of your degree or transcript and contact information for your college or university.
  • A copy of proof of income and full-time (permanent) employment as well as a name and phone number for a contact in human resources or payroll.
  • Contact information for two (2) personal references. One must be a relative.
See Mike Maroone VW for full details.

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*Volkswagen of America, Inc. (VWoA) will cover the first monthly payment, up to a maximum monthly payment of $800. VWoA will not cover the first month’s payment for Certified Pre-Owned vehicles. Program expires January 2, 2015. Available to US citizens or permanent residents who are within 6 months of graduation or have graduated no more than 24 months prior to credit application from a two-year or four-year US or Canadian accredited college. Applicant must be employed in a full-time permanent position and provide proof of income. Credit history is not required but existing credit must be in good standing and have no previously derogatory credit.
1. There may be additional charges based on excess mileage, wear and damage.
2. Currently available in AR, DE, FL, GA, IL, SC, TX, VA, and is only available for new and near new models. Payments consist of a number of monthly payments plus a final balloon payment. The balloon payment is due on the same day as your final payment. Alternatively, customer may return the car and pay remaining monthly payments, excess mileage, and excess wear and use. Volkswagen Credit believes the information in this brochure to be correct at the time of printing. However, the information is subject to change without notice. Have questions? See your local VW dealer.
“Volkswagen”, “VW”, “Das Auto”, model names, and the Volkswagen logo are registered trademarks of Volkswagen AG.

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